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Barkley Law Offices, P.C.

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Attorney Raleigh, Lawyer Raleigh, North Carolina

Travis Barkley- Attorney at Law

Estate Planning 

As an Estate Planning Lawyer, I can help you plan out the future liquidation of your estate so your heirs see the maximum inheritance and tax advantage benefits that you want them to realize. This includes setting up your wills and/or trusts to make your estate plan complete. Don't let the state do your estate planning for you. If you don't have an estate plan for yourself, the Government has one for you; and it's not pretty!


Wills are a necessary part of your Estate Plan. Everyone has an estate; it doesn't matter how large or small it is, it's important to have a will so the state doesn't decide how your affairs will be executed. Get some peace of mind by having your will done today!


Trusts whether revocable or irrevocable are an integral part of providing necessary detail to your overall estate plan. We, at Barkley Law, can guide you through the process of deciding if and what type of trusts are appropriate for your needs.

Divorce is unfortunately a part of today's society. You may find yourself in the throws of divorce right now. Don't wait for your spouse to file for divorce first. It's important to be proactive and know your rights. Seek counseling where appropriate, but contact Barkley Law Offices about your rights in divorce before it's too late!

Real Estate Law is a big part of our practice at Barkley Law. From Title searches for residential or commercial, to fast efficient closings, we can handle you Real Estate needs.

Real Estate Closings for residential or commercial are handled with alacrity. We pride ourselves in getting your closings done efficiently so you are in the home of your dreams or have cash in hand without delays or complications. Trust your Real Estate closing to us and have peace of mind!

Title searches are a necessary part of your Real Estate closing to be sure you have a "clean" title without encumbrances to stall the process of closing. We make sure the title search is done properly to give you peace of mind.

We all make mistakes from time to time. Some traffic violations are more complicated than others. But if you are faced with a traffic violation that is worrisome to you, then Barkley Law Offices provides the Traffic Attorney you should call! Our knowledgeable team will be there every step of the way to protect your rights and see that you have proper representation.

Many people face bankruptcy. You can count on me, Travis Barkley, and my team to give you sound advice as you wade through the many decisions facing you as you contemplate personal or business bankruptcy. Real Estate Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney, Litigation Attorney, Deeds, Closings, Traffic Tickets, Business Representation, Corporate Attorney, Raleigh Attorney, Raleigh Lawyer, Attorney North Carolina, Lawyer North Carolina, Legal, Barkley Law Offices, Travis Barkley, Settlement Agent, Estate Planning, For Sale By Owner, Attorney at Law, Law, Wills,Trusts